Jammin’ in Dallas

I arrived at the hotel late last night. My trip took longer than expected, and once I got in Dallas, I got lost. (Go figure.) After driving up and down the one way streets, I accidentally found the hotel.

So far, I’ve had breakfast with Jonathan Snook and Jason Beaird. Met Bryan Veloso. Watched Jared Spool’s keynote presentation: “The Dawning of the Age of Experience”. Met Steven Ray, whom I have chatted with via Facebook, Twitter and more… Met a reader of my site: Luke Minker. (Nice to meet you, Luke. No one’s ever come up to me and said they read my site before!) And Rob Weychert’s “A Field Guide to Design Inspiration” was great.

So far I’ve had a blast, and it’s just getting started!

Thoughts Before Leaving

I’m a few minutes shy of leaving on my 900+ mile trek to Dallas TX for the Webmaster Jam Session. I opted to drive the 12+ hours for a couple of reasons: 1) I’ve made the trip before and it wasn’t that bad. 2) I get to see more of the countryside. 3) I’m meeting Ben Gray for coffee/breakfast in the Atlanta area. 4) I hate the thought of having to fly again.

Avis gave me a “free upgrade” from the large car I had reserved. I’ll be riding in style with a Chevy Uplander instead. I don’t relish the thought of driving 900+ miles in a minivan, but at least it as a jack to plug my iPod in.

This is the first extended stay I’ll have away from my family. I’ve never been without my son for more than a night. My wife went to Disney before we were married, and there was about 3-4 days where we didn’t see each other. It’s going to be weird being on my own, without them. If my wife reads this: I love you, Kim.

I’m hoping to hit Dallas around 8pm tonight. Wish me luck. I’m hoping to document some of the trip as I go along. So stay tuned!

Steal Away

“Last time I was here, I was doing a lot of complaining about the ridiculous prices of CDs down here. And that story got picked up and got carried all around the world and now my record label all around the world hates me, because I yelled at them, I called them out for being greedy f***ing a**holes. I didn’t get a chance to check, has the price come down at all? I see a no, a no, a no… Has anyone seen the price come down? Okay, well, you know what that means… STEAL IT. Steal away. Steal and steal and steal some more and give it to all your friends and keep on stealin’. Because one way or another these motherf***ers will get it through their head that they’re ripping people off and that that’s not right.” – Trent Reznor (via)