What the heck is going on, you ask? Say hello to Tersus.

Bare bones? You got it. Tersus is an achingly simple WordPress theme without all the usual cruft. Please pardon the mess. This child theme is still under development.




The one thing that has really surprised since moving this site to it’s new home is just how well WordPress works in the environment it was intended for.

I had been running the site on a Windows 2000 Server under IIS 5 with PHP4 installed. For the most part, the site was usable, but little things either didn’t work at all or stopped working after a while. Stuff like notifications, paging, auto-creating thumbnails, etc. stopped working. In order to get cleaner URLs, I had to resort to PHP.ini and ISAPI filter hacks. It worked, but not like one would hope and/or expect.

Now, everything just works. I should have made this switch a while ago.

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