MacBook, Whoa.

MacBook from AppleSo, let me get this straight, Apple It’s $1299 for the top-end white MacBook, and it’s $1499 for the black MacBook, and the only differences being the enclosure color and 20Gb extra hard drive space? You’re not serious, right? Should we expect black to cost more in the future on all Mac products?
Sure, one could argue their supply of black MacBook’s will be in higher demand, hence the higher price… but it couldn’t be that much more to produce … Certainly not $200 more to produce. What’s the deal here???

2 replies on “MacBook, Whoa.”

  1. Went to go see the Macbook today. Sweet design! The Macbook Pro looks ugly in direct comparison. Apple’s design team scored again with this one.

    As for colors I am partial to the original white and plus the hard drive can be easily replaced by the user.

    I encourage anyone near an Apple store to go check it out. The pictures just don’t do it justice.

  2. Very cool. Can you believe I have never set foot in an Apple store? Yeah, Augusta sucks like that.

    I’m still pissed about the price difference. The black MacBooks looks really sweet, but I couldn’t justify buying one when I could get the same thing for $150 less… Oh well, I’ll have to live with my Dell Inspiron for a bit longer.

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