WASHINGTON (AP) — The Senate voted Tuesday to fine employers who hire illegal immigrants up to $20,000 for each unauthorized worker, providing teeth to a broad immigration bill before sending it to a final vote later this week. Employers would have to check Social Security numbers and the immigration status of all new hires within […]

SlideShowPro Director

Taking SlideShowPro a step further, DomineyDesign just released SlideShowPro Director, a browser-based application that let’s you manage slideshows. It installs on any Linux server with PHP/MySQL, has an intuitive Ajax-driven user interface for managing all your photos, creates thumbnails in a snap, plus a whole lot more. The demo is quite impressive. I hope compatibility […]


If you printed out an email that you had received and it had a ‘Reply’ button on it, would you assume by pressing the button, you could respond to the email? I seriously couldn’t have taken that support call… God bless our email support guys.


Cork’d is a delightfully refreshing niche site devoted to reviewing and sharing experiences with wine. Developed by Dan Cederholm (SimpleBits) and Dan Benjamin (Hivelogic), Cork’d allows you to rate the wines you’ve tasted, keep track of the wine you own, and shop for the wines you’d like to buy. I’m going to be honest here: […]

Change is Coming

Inspired by the amazing redesigns of Bryan Veloso (AvalonStar) and Jeff Croft I am more motivated than ever to do something about my site. I had hoped to have something ready in time for the Spring CSS Reboot, but the May 1st deadline came and went. So now, I’m being a little more realistic and I’m giving myself more time to plan and execute an all-new