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Post Migration

After several attempts, I was able to migrate all of my posts through Blogger into WordPress. I wish I could say it was easy, because it wasn’t… and I wish I could say it went off without a hitch, because it didn’t.

Because the server I am on doesn’t have cURL enabled, I had a tough time migrating stuff. I tried setting up Blogger to generate an XML document with the full text of all of my posts, but it choked almost every time. I tried manual conversion – but that takes way too long. I finally was able to import my posts into WordPress.com, via its Blogger import (which uses cURL). I then saved the XML feed that contained all of my posts, and imported it into my WordPress install here on cdharrison.com. It timed out a couple of times because of the number of posts, but I was able to reinitiate the import and have it completely go through after a couple of attempts.

So, now here we are… all posts are online. Comments, well, are gone. Which is disappointing… but it’s something I can live with, given the flexibility I now have with WordPress. It was a sacrafice I was willing to make.

So, what’s next? A redesign, of course. A new design will be unveiled May 1, 2006 in conjunction with the Spring 2006 CSS Reboot.

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