Google Maps API Released

I thought this was pretty interesting…

From If you’re a Javascript geek or a web publisher who wants to get a Google Map onto your site, Google’s just announced the Google Maps API that enables all sorts of creative mapping with assurance that it won’t break as soon as Google changes their code. See the Google Maps roundup for examples of Google Map applications.

The world is your JavaScript-enabled oyster [GoogleBlog]

Google Earth

Google just released a rebranded version of the Keyhole product they purchased recently. It’s basically a free app to use, but there is a Plus and Pro version available for an extra fee.

I think it’s a cool app, but Google Maps is more than suitable for my needs. Google Earth does a lot more, but I really don’t feel like running another app on my system just to access its additional features. It’s worth checking out though. It’s pretty incredible to zoom up close to where you work or where you live and see it from above. Hey, is that my car in the driveway…? hehe…

50 Coolest Websites of 2005

Time Magazine selects the 50 Coolest Websites of 2005 in this online feature. Check out their picks for the best in Arts & Entertainment, Blogs, Lifestyle, Health & Hobbies, News & Information, and Shopping.

(Hat tip: Zeldman)

My personal favorites from the list:

  • Lifehacker – Always unusually useful ideas for hacking your life, to make living easier. Always insightful and informative, Lifehacker’s a great blog from Gawker Media.
  • Orisinal – Awesome original flash games. Highly addictive IMHO.

Apple Makes the Switch

The grapevine was right this time: Apple will indeed be migrating to Intel chips after all. Steve Jobs made the announcement today at the WWDC in San Francisco, CA.

What’s this mean for consumers? Better availability of Apple products.

Apple has struggled with keeping up with demand for several years due to low supplies of the G4 and G5 PowerPC chips that power their computers. Because of the darth of supplies, Apple has had to delay product launches repeatedly, and as failed to close the “Gigahertz Gap” between its computers and those of the PC world.

In a surprising move, Jobs announced that Apple has had Mac OS X running on x86-based Intel chips for the past 5 years.

I’m excited about this move, because it’s going to lead to greater availability of processors for Apple, and… I’m speculating here… maybe it will open up OS X to custom-built computers. Who knows…

Jobs said this transition won’t be completed until 2007. Until then, I’ll be anxiously awaiting this latest evolution of Apple and its offerings.