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more i told ya’ll i’d be busy…

just performed a major hardware upgrade on my computer. i worked out a deal with some friends of mine to do some design work for a new hard drive. it’ll be nice to have some extra room on my system to play with. (my mp3 collection tends to stretch the limits of my main hard drive far too often.) i’ve been pretty busy working on several site designs and logos lately. keeps me busy at work. that’s for sure. i’ve got a meeting tomorrow morning with a music production company about doing some designs for some cds they are producing. will be a good opportunity for me i think. i’m looking forward to the work, if they take me on as a freelancer. today i finally finished the brochure for a technology conference being held here in augusta in the not too distant future. the client was highly impressed with my work, and i’ve gotten great comments on the work i did on the publication. if possible, i may put a copy of it online in pdf format in the not to distant future for you all to check out. it’s not overly complex. the design is simple and straight- forward. i like simplicity. too much on a page can be very distasteful to the eye. anyways, i’ll post more later. gotta wrap things up on the sga site. it’s due tomorrow. ttfn.

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