Webmaster Jam Session 08 Wrapup

I’ll be posting notes from Friday and Saturday within the next day or so. Wi-fi was spotty at times due to the number of devices trying to connect to the Loudermilk network, so I stayed unplugged for a majority of the conference. (It wasn’t critical for me to be on.)

I’m really glad my coworkers were able to come. Josh and Phil walked away feeling more empowered and inspired to do better work. Jeff walked away with a greater understanding of what it is we designers do. Next year, I hope PowerServe can become more involved in the conference. We had fun with all of the folks who came out to hang with us at Fandangles on Friday night.

I had a GREAT time and met lots of great folks, and made a lot of new friends. When the Webmaster Jam comes rolling around in 2009, I will definitely be there in some capacity.

I’m not sure what the next conference I’ll be going to will be. I’m looking at the Future of Web Apps (FOWA) in Miami FL in February and South by Southwest Interactive (SXSWi) in March.

WJS08: Going Social with Chris Perry

I’ll make more sense of these notes later:

  • People are trying to slap social stickers onto everything.
  • We need to blog. We need video. We need social networks.
  • If you’re not thinking about the whole picture, you’re just slapping stickers on your package.
  • Social media:wikipedia
  • Social Media is about people connecting.
  • Social Media represents huge collision of MSM change and social uprising enabled through new technologies
  • Pre-Filter > Post-Filter. Let the market decide what is important. Press becomes multi-media. And social media. Ex: BusinessWeek Outside the media establishment comes an explosion of sources. The formats have changed. Now blogs, video sites. Appealing content is brought to the forefront. Explosion of social networking. Word of mouth. Go from one source of content > through media ==> social platforms. Better news, advice from us versus brands.
  • Net effect: Open season on brand reputation.
  • Independent sites CAN rise to the forefront and conflict with brand objectives of companies.
  • Create a new architecturethat’s in sync with customer realties: a social architecture.
  • Readdress fundamental questions:
    • Business is socialising with purpose.
    • Don’t focus on stickers. Focus on IDEAS that stick and can be spread.
    • Politics and cause-related marketing offer a look into how this works today.
  • Example: Stand Up to Cancer.
    • Collab between top three networks, A-list celebs and much much more.
    • Conversation peaked at announcement. Tailed off afterwards.
    • Virtual standup: get ppl involved online. Create personalized call.
    • Find right points of entry to social network.
    • Based on ideas not platforms.
    • Make ppl part of the content.
    • Get ppl to participate. If they are part of the content, they will talk about the cause.
    • Triggered widespread conversation.
    • Personal relationships.
    • Twitter was a HUGE factor in spreading info on the cause.
    • Efforts trigger massive amount of momentum.
    • Need to have a design program.
    • Social media played key role in raising $100m for the goal.
  • Politics and online advocacy – Example: Barack Obama Campaign
    • Represents the tv station of tomorrow.
    • Moving from sound bites to sound blasts.
    • “YouBama: The Citizen Generated Campaign”
    • 24×7 social media that competes with and serves the press.
    • Channels fueled by new ideas and new contributors (Fact check video responses)
    • Twitter text updates. Media stunt. 62K followers. VP Announcement.
    • End game: mobilizing supporters, donations and votes. Obama “rocked the vote”
  • Rethink how you package your goods.
  • Social movement represents core v. fringe business.
  • Not just about the platforms. It’s about a new way of working.
  • Let people do the talking for you.

Webmaster Jam Session ’08

I submitted my registration to attend the 2008 Webmaster Jam Session this October 3-4 in Atlanta, GA. I attended last year’s event in Dallas, TX and loved it. The fact that it’s so close to home made it a no-brainer for me to attend it again. This time, at least one or two coworkers will be coming along as well.

If you’re on the fence about going, let me put it to you this way: I got more out of this two-day conference than I have from other high-profile events I’ve attended. Last year’s event featured speakers such as Jared Spool, Molly Holzschlag, Michael Lopp and many more. Topics range from SEO, Typography, CSS, Usability, etc. Fact is, you’re bound to find more than a few sessions that will appeal to you. Oh, and did I mention that registration is only $199? Yeah. Seriously.

If you’re going, or thinking about going, let me know!