Nintendo Rocks

Nintendo rocks. Seriously.Some time ago, my father-in-law started experiencing randomly shutdowns while playing games (even while fully charged) on his DS Lite. He mentioned it to me for the first time tonight, and I took a look at it. Sure enough… most of the time I hit the B button, it would shut itself off. I briefly searched online to see if anyone else had been experiencing this same sort of problem to no avail.So I called up Nintendo and explained the situation to them. They looked the system up to see when it had been purchased and the representative told me it just went out of warranty a couple of days – but not to worry… they were going to repair and/or replace the DS Lite anyways! You don’t know how happy that made me. A new or repaired DS Lite will be on its way in 2-3 weeks. Can you ask for anything better?I had read stories about how good Nintendo was to its customers, and this was the first time experiencing it first-hand. It makes me glad to own a Nintendo Wii, a DS and a DS Lite. I know the money went to a company that will definitely take care of its customers.Thank you, Nintendo.

Nintendo Wii Desktops

I just uploaded some Wiimote inspired desktops I created to my flickr account. They’re all designed for 1600×1024 … but should scale pretty nicely for most resolutions. I used to make a lot of desktop pictures in my free time – many of which can still be found on If you like these, let me know. It might inspire me to continue this little hobby…

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