If you’re interested in Microformats, do yourself a favor and head over to my friend Emily Lewis’ site A Blog Not Limited. I’ve been played with Microformats for a while, but these informative articles pushed me over the edge:

  • Getting Semantic With Microformats, Part 1:
  • Getting Semantic With Microformats, Part 2:
  • Getting Semantic With Microformats, Part 3:
  • Getting Semantic With Microformats, Part 4:
  • Getting Semantic With Microformats, Part 5:
  • Getting Semantic With Microformats, Part 6: hResume (coming soon!)

I should also note that my site now incorporates hCard, hCalendar and hAtom. Microformats FTW!

Take the Survey

It’s that time of year again: The 2008 A List Apart: Survey for People Who Make Websites is here and it wants you to get in on the action.

Calling all designers, developers, information architects, project managers, writers, editors, marketers, and everyone else who makes websites. It is time once again to pool our information so as to begin sketching a true picture of the way our profession is practiced worldwide.

Possibly the most important invention of the past century, the web is undeniably one of the most robust engines of knowledge transfer, political and social change, artistic endeavor, and economic growth the world has seen.

Remove the web, and billions in trade disappear. Websites enable people who can’t walk to run to the store. They bring knowledge and freedom of thought to places where such things are scarce; make every person with a connection a citizen of the world; and allow every citizen to be heard.

So, what are you waiting for? Go take the Survey already!

What are web standards and why should you use them? That’s what Opera’s new Web Standards Curriculum hopes to answer. If you’re interested in learning more, visit: http://www.opera.com/wsc/ They’ve got 23 articles available already and an additional 30 planned.