Wrong Movie

See that guy over there? He doesn't belong in this movie.

“Psst… See that guy over there? He doesn’t belong in this movie.”
“But he played Han Solo.”
“I don’t care. Unless he’s got a frickin’ laser whip, he needs to get off of my dropship.”


I’ve kind of gotten off-track with where I had hoped to take the site (again). It’s so easy to post Wiikly Updates and Heroes’ graphic novel stuff… It doesn’t require much thought (or time). I really need to refocus on what I want to do with this site. In the meantime…

Are you on VIRB° yet? I’ve been amazed at how quickly it’s taken off… Let’s face it… MySpace sucks, but for some awful reason it’s popular with all the cool kids *blech*. (I’ll never understand the success of MySpace.) VIRB° is much better. You’ve got complete control over your profile. You can create custom modules, modify existing modules, modify the page structure and CSS to your heart’s delight. It doesn’t require any sort of crappy “hack”, like what is required with MySpace. VIRB° was built with flexibility in mind. You can check me out on VIRB° at virb.com/cdharrison.

I’ve also been using Twitter and Flickr more often. Now that I’m able to send and receive SMS/MMS messages on my cellphone, I’ve been posting tweets and moblog entries like mad! The fact that I can make posts whether I am tethered to a computer or not is definitely a bonus. Since it’s a lot easier for me to post on the go, you can be certain that you’ll see more content along those streams…