Basecamp + Quickbooks Integration

We’ve been using Quickbooks Timer to keep track of time spent on projects for ages. It’s not bad, but it’s pretty unstable at times. We use Basecamp for project management. We’ve been using it for nearly two years now… The Time Tracking functionality is one aspect of Basecamp we haven’t ever taken advantage of… But that may change with the release of Chronopipe.

Here are some of the features it promises:

  • Import Time from any Basecamp Project to any Customer and Job in QuickBooks
  • Match Users in Basecamp to Employees and Contractors in QuickBooks
  • Match To Do Item names in Basecamp to Service Items in QuickBooks
  • Specify a “catch all” Item for Time that doesn’t have a match.
  • Import with the same set of parameters more than once, without duplicating entries.

I am definitely going to need to try it out. It could be a great addition to our team…

FreshBooks adds Basecamp Integration

I was just thinking last night that it’s been a while since I last posted something about Basecamp… This June will mark our second full year of using the online management tool, and it’s incredible to think about indispensible it’s become in our day-to-day operations. (That’s a topic for another day, though.) But I digress…

FreshBooks just announced that they’ve added Basecamp Integration into their popular online invoicing and time tracking service.

Introducing Basecamp With Your FreshBooks

Today, FreshBooks is pleased to annouce our integration with 37signals’ Basecamp project management service. You can now invoice your Basecamp projects using FreshBooks. The truth is, you can do a fair bit more than that. [..] This integration does *not* cover every possible workflow scenario. We have had to make a lot of tough choices in designing our integration. To make decisions we said to ourselves, “What do most people need?”

I have been using Blinksale for what limited personal invoicing I do right now, and it’s had Basecamp integration since November ’06. But, it’s been a little while since I gave FreshBooks a spin – the addition of Basecamp support might be enough to get me to try it out again.

API Mashup

Wouldn’t it be cool if someone came up with a way to get CampaignMonitor and Basecamp to communicate? We use both of these tools in our day-to-day operations. We use Basecamp to manage all of our projects, and with each project we have a number of contacts listed for each of our clients. I’d love for their to be some sort of automated way to make sure each of the contacts we have listed in Basecamp are also added to a mailing list within CampaignMonitor… Not sure if anyone has done this sort of thing before, but I figure since there is an API available for both apps, this is surely possible.

Subscribe to iCalendars in Outlook 2003

Heck yeah! Got further validation that I am a GEEK. I am absolutely giddy about news that I received via email from Daniele Tiles about the SourceForge Project: RemoteCalendars.

RemoteCalendars is a COM-.NET Add-in for Outlook 2003, written in C#. After installing this plugin, every Outlook user should be able to subscribe, reload and delete a generic remote iCalendar (RFC 2445) from Outlook 2003.

This is what I’ve wanted for quite some time for Outlook. It’s definitely going to make Basecamp more usable for me… now that I can subscribe to project Calendars and get an overview of what’s going on in Outlook, or on my PDA.Daniele – THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for building this. You’re my hero.

More Thoughts on Basecamp

Just realized that I am second only to Jason Fried in the number of posts I have made over in the Basecamp forums. Maybe I visit it too much? I dunno. Basecamp has really struck a cord with me. It’s one of those sort of apps that you either love or hate. I for one can easily say – the $50/month we spend on Basecamp is more than worth the expense.

We’ve used Basecamp full-time as our Project Management app of choice. Before, we used an Excel spreadsheet and Outlook to keep track of projects. There was no centralized place for information related to our projects. All that has changed now. Now, I can log in from work or home and get contact information for clients; check on updates on projects; review files and messages that have been posted; review the workload of co-workers; and so very much more. I’ve said it once before, and I will say it again, Basecamp helps us work better. It helps us stay on top of information. It helps us communicate better. It improves our organization.

I say these things because I feel that strongly about Basecamp. I know I sound like a fanboy, but I don’t really care. Basecamp is that good. If your business/organization is looking for a better way to manage projects – please consider Basecamp. It might just be the best business decision you’ve ever made.