Speaking of Google…

Speaking of Google… Whatever happened to the promised instant messaging interoperability between AOL and Google Talk? Google released a press release on the matter on December 20, 2005 and to this day nothing has happened on either side. What gives? I know there are other applications, such as Trillian that already support multiple IM protocols/connections, but none have worked quite as well for me as GoogleTalk has on the PC. If I could, I’d stop using AIM altogether, but half of my coworkers insist on using it as their default IM client.

And here I thought it was my fault…

I experienced intermittent connectivity issues with AOL Instant Messenger. I thought it was just issues with my internet connection… Seems I was not alone:

‘Glitch’ Keeps Some AIM Users Offline

AOL told BetaNews Wednesday afternoon it is in the process of resolving a “technical glitch” that is affecting a limited number of AIM users. The problem surfaced early in the day, and resulted in some users being knocked off the service repeatedly.

The company did not say what caused the problem, which seemed to hit users in various regions of the United States. “All affected AIM users will have their service issue resolved by very early morning, though for many AIM users, the problem has already been fixed,” an AOL spokesperson told BetaNews.

AOL Triton Update

AOL Instant Messenger Logo

It looks like AOL is giving it’s popular Instant Messaging app: AOL Instant Messenger a brand makeover. The logo shown to the right features the new AIM “speech balloon” that is prevalent in marketing materials promoting the new AIM Triton Beta client.

I’m surprised that AOL has taken this step to brand AIM more than it has in the past. In the past, they only used the little AIM “buddy” as the logo… but the new materials seem to either place him in a less significant role, or eliminate him altogether. But I guess they see AIM as being more central in their future plans.