Google Talk + Yahoo Messenger

The original post is now offline, but here’s the deal: Just announced today, Google and Yahoo are entering into a partnership where Yahoo may offer Google paid search results as part of its search offering. As part of this agreement, we are agreeing to make our IM services interoperate. From the Yahoo press release: In… Continue reading Google Talk + Yahoo Messenger

The new Twitter Transparency

One of my biggest complaints with Twitter is that users were left in the dark when the site was having problems. That’s changed. Twitter’s more transparent than ever. Recently Techcrunch asked Twitter several questions regarding their infrastructure, policies and more (Hey Twitter I Have A Few Questions Too). Twitter answered back with “It’s not rocket… Continue reading The new Twitter Transparency

Dreamweaver, Fireworks CS4 Betas Released

Fresh from the Adobe Labs comes betas for Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 and Adobe Fireworks CS4. It should be noted that if you’ve been using CS3, there is a new unified interface that’ll be appearing in CS4 that may take some getting used to. Also, if you tested the Photoshop CS3 beta when it was released,… Continue reading Dreamweaver, Fireworks CS4 Betas Released

More thoughts on the changes in IE8

UPDATE: IE8 Beta 1 is now available for download. I’d recommend installing Virtual PC and then grabbing the latest Internet Explorer Application Compatibility VPC Image (Virtual Hard Disk Image for testing websites on IE on Windows XP SP2). That way you can conduct browser testing in a more controlled environment, as opposed to eradicating your… Continue reading More thoughts on the changes in IE8

New CS3 Installation Support Number

If you’re (still) having problems getting Adobe Creative Suite 3 installed, there’s hope. Adobe’s setup a toll-free number – 1-800-642-3623 – devoted to assisting customers with any installation issues they might have with CS3. You can also check out the Adobe Creative Suite 3 Support site for updated information.

AIR-powered kuler desktop updated

If you’ve never used kuler, you’re missing out. If you’ve never used the AIR application, you’re missing out on an additional way to interact with the color harmony RIA. You can check it out by installing Adobe AIR, then downloading the app. (Hat tip: John Nack)

AIR out of Beta

Adobe AIR – (Adobe Integrated Runtime) – is out of beta. It allows developers to create desktop applications using web technologies like Flash, HTML, CSS, etc. Get AIR here. I’m pretty excited about AIR for a couple of reasons… 1) it allows you to develop rich applications fairly quickly using standard web technologies; 2) it’s… Continue reading AIR out of Beta