My name is Chris Harrison, and I’m a front-end designer/developer. I’ve been working on the web in some fashion since 1996. I’m a geek, a husband, a father of two, a son, and a brother. I’m a fan of comic books, movies, comic book movies, anything Apple, graphic design, and web development. I’m an Adobe Community Professional. I’m the founder of RefreshAugusta. I love WordPress. And from time to time I travel to conferences and live-tweet them.

From 2009 until early 2013 I freelanced full-time. I’m now a front-end developer for Morris Visitor Publications, a division of Morris Communications. I still freelance from time to time, but I’m much more selective about what I work on in my spare cycles.

  • I founded RefreshAugusta in 2008.
  • I’m a partner, founder and member of TheClubhou.se.
  • I organized Web Afternoon Augusta in May 2013.
  • I’ve been live-tweeting for ConvergeSE for the past five years. I’ve also live-tweeted for Web Afternoon, ConvergeFL and various AWDG events. (Need a live-tweeter for your conference? Email me or ping me on Twitter.)
  • I helped build ItemBrowser.