Part 6. Final Lessons Learned

Use email effectively — We could’ve used email better. Reaching out to past attendees should’ve happened earlier on. We could’ve reached out to attendees earlier as well, and enlisted their help in advertising the event. Email user groups. Email businesses. Create things that can be easily shared by user group organizers. Delegate — Don’t try… Continue reading Part 6. Final Lessons Learned

Part 5. Conference Day

Nothing will prepare you for the day of the event, especially if you’ve only organized local meetups. Having a team you can depend on is essential for your event to be successful. You’ll need a game plan. You’ll also need to accept that you won’t think of everything. You will make mistakes. Roll with it.… Continue reading Part 5. Conference Day

Part 4. Pricing Your Event

Do you charge for your event or do you make it free? Calculate any hard costs you have: Travel, Accommodations, Venue, Catering, etc. to determine the approximate cost of your event. Sample Event Budget Travel $1500 Accommodations $2500 Venue $2500 Catering $1000 Other Expenses* $1000 Total $8500 * Other Expenses might include paying a photographer,… Continue reading Part 4. Pricing Your Event