I’m happy to announce that I’ve been selected to speak at GiantConf in Charleston, SC next summer.

Over the coming months, my talk will likely evolve somewhat, but right now I plan to focus on Leveling Up: In order to grow as a designer, developer and a person we need to step out of our comfort zones more often. This talk will be an exploration on things we can do to push ourselves towards being even more awesome, even if you’re in a situation where that isn’t always possible. It’ll also be a discussion on embracing the things we hate doing. (That which doesn’t kill us, only makes us stronger.)

“What you do today can improve all your tomorrows.”
—Ralph Marston

It is a tremendous honor for me to be included in such an incredible lineup. And to be completely honest, I’m nervous as hell. But I’m looking forward to embracing this challenge and being apart of something that could be pretty damn amazing.

See you in Charleston in June!

2013 Jingle Jam 10K

Last year, I joined the Jingle Jam 10K’s Board to assist with design, marketing, and social media. And I’m doing it again this year! (It’s amazing how helping to plan a non-web event can help change your perspective on planning things.)

It’s been a very rewarding challenge to work on the Jingle Jam 10K. I know that it’s supporting an excellent cause, SafeHomes of Augusta, and that I’m doing work that raises awareness of domestic violence. And being able to design things for all aspects of the race, both online and off, has been a great exercise in branding.

2013 JingleJam 10K Run/WalkThe Jingle Jam 10K is a fun-filled, Christmas-themed road race. Runners receive a long sleeve Dri-Fit shirt, jingle bells, and other awesome giveaways! (And there’s also a costume contest!) I would love it if you’d consider participating.

Sign up between today and 10/5 with the code GINORMOUS and you’ll save $5 on registration for the 2013 Jingle Jam 10K. Visit for more information, or head directly to to register.

On the fence about whether you can finish a 10K? As long as you can run or walk 10K (6.21miles) within 2 hours, you’re golden! (That’s something even I’ve been able to do!) Need help getting ready?Something like Couch to 10K might help.


I love this photo from Web Afternoon Augusta 2013. Moments with friends like these make the effort of putting on a web conference worth it.