I’m happy to announce that I’ve been selected to speak at GiantConf in Charleston, SC next summer. Over the coming months, my talk will likely evolve somewhat, but right now I plan to focus on Leveling Up: In order to grow as a designer, developer and a person we need to step out of our comfort… Continue reading GiantConf

2013 Jingle Jam 10K

Last year, I joined the Jingle Jam 10K’s Board to assist with design, marketing, and social media. And I’m doing it again this year! (It’s amazing how helping to plan a non-web event can help change your perspective on planning things.) It’s been a very rewarding challenge to work on the Jingle Jam 10K. I… Continue reading 2013 Jingle Jam 10K


I love this photo from Web Afternoon Augusta 2013. Moments with friends like these make the effort of putting on a web conference worth it.

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Big Picture UX

On Wednesday, 4 September, Nick Finck visited and spoke to RefreshAugusta about Big Picture UX. Here’s some video from the event: View Slides →