New ItemBrowser Released

I appreciate everyone who put up with me teasing ItemBrowser for most of the month of April. Yesterday, it launched. (Because WallaBee is an iPhone game, the site was optimized for use on that device. We’re planning to make the layout more responsive over the next coming weeks. It’ll work fine in modern browsers and on… Continue reading New ItemBrowser Released


It’s funny how what’s old is new again. I used to use lots of 37Signals’ products and – over time – gradually stopped. Now I’m coming back to them again. Inspired by a recent talk that Steve Smith gave at ConvergeSE, the team I work with has incorporated Campfire more heavily into their daily development lives. How are we… Continue reading Campfire

Back This Project

My friend Anton Peck is chasing a dream that you can play a role in. His dream is to create and publish a graphic novel. And now, thanks to Kickstarter, you can help make his dream a reality.