What would you create on the web if you didn’t have to worry about writing code? That’s (apparently) the premise behind Adobe’s new web authoring tool, code-named Muse. Built using Adobe Air, this cross-platform application will work on Mac, PC, and potentially on Linux as well. While in beta, it’ll be free to use. Plans will start at $15/month when 1.0 is released in 2012.

While I haven’t built anything with Muse (yet), I’m intrigued by it. Will you use Muse? Do you think it will help or hurt web design?

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  1. Reminds me of NetObjects Fusion. When I used that piece of software, it was a nightmare in terms of the code it generated. For me, having pixel perfect arrangements weren’t worth it. I’d rather have great code that rendered a beautiful site.

    I checked out some websites developed using Muse. When I used Fusion, it spat out tables and space GIFs. Muse seems to rely on DIVs, CSS and JavaScript to accomplish its task. Just strikes me as a lot of glut that I don’t think is going to be worth a $15/month subscription.

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