Officially I’m down 17.2 lbs overall, but I didn’t weigh-in this past weekend. (I’m certain I’ve gained since last weigh-in.) I’ve started making excuses for myself. I haven’t been active. I’ve been feeling pretty defeated. WeightWatchers works, but I haven’t kept track of my Points, and I’ve allowed myself to cheat far too often. When you’re losing a pound here and pound there without really trying, it’s easy to trick yourself into thinking “this one bad snack/meal/whatever” is okay this one time. The problem is that one time turns into several if you let it.

I’ve got a lot more weight to lose. So much so that I’m starting to consider seriously trying to get on The Biggest Loser or gastric bypass surgery. I refuse to give up. That’d be the easy way. I’ve got a long way to go and I’ve only just begun. I need to push myself harder. I need to be more realistic about what I can and cannot eat.

How do you keep yourself motivated?

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  1. Let me tell you, the excuses is not just a “you” thing. The excuses happen to everyone, including me. The thing is, for me, it wasn’t until I realized that it needed to be a continuous, life change, that it didn’t start working for me. Just trying not focus on a “diet” per se because then, when the diet is over, you have yourself open to just going back to the old way again.

    It’d be interesting to see you make it to the Biggest Loser. Would definitely get behind that campaign. The twitterverse may be able to help out with that, ya think? But man, I really would like you to keep motivated, I like what Dano Manion is doing with his buddy Andy with their twitter competition. Perhaps we need more accountability, for both of us. You game?

    1. In the next week or two I plan on getting a membership to Anytime Fitness. (My brother just got one for his birthday and we’re going to work out together.) As far as keeping each other accountable goes, I’m game.

  2. Surround yourself with people that can encourage you and motivate you. Where I work I’m usually going to the gym every day due to the people I go with. Around the same time every day them go around and see who’s going today, and if I say I’m not going they give me a hard time. There’s be many days where I didn’t want to go, but I did anyway and was happy about it in the long run.

  3. Just keep counting the points. If you really, really want something high in points, budget for it. Don’t worry about anything except sticking with your points limit. Eventually you’ll get through this rough patch and the good habit of tracking points will be firmly entrenched, and you’ll feel ready to worry about other things, like adding exercise or trying to eat more whole grains.

  4. Yeah the excuses and the motivation are the sucky part, but hopefully the results over power both. I find that if I can get in a rhythm then its easier for me to maintain.

    The tough part is doing it enough to get into a rhythm and not letting anything disrupt it.

  5. By the way, I would not recommend The Biggest Loser, because those people are not losing weight in a healthy way. However, gastric bypass surgery has worked for MANY people I know. Just be sure to thoroughly research each surgery to decide which one is right for you. In my opinion, the lap band is a waste of time and money–it doesn’t affect your appetite and you can actually stretch it out if you eat too much. The duodenal switch seems to be the best, but it has some side effects you’ll want to look into.

    1. I’ve also heard good things about the lap band surgery. I read up on this blog from a former “player” on Biggest Loser, and actually, you’re right, it was so much fabrication and pushing in the wrong way for the weight loss.

  6. Keep it going man. Diet and exercise work but you have to stay motivated. I’m down 19lbs but I was down 26lbs… I lost my focus and started making excuses. You just have to get back on the wagon. I’m with Kenny, twitterverse competition, I’d be down!

  7. Before you put anything in your mouth, before you start preparing a meal, before you order off a menu, take just a couple moments to breath; let go of the voices and urges and just focus on your breathing. Then ask yourself if what you are preparing to eat is proper. For added perspective, think about your son and how long you want to enjoy life with him.

    Above all, know that you will not always be perfect in your endeavor, but don’t let a slip-up sidetrack you. Just move on and move forward.

    Make sure you are getting 30 min of exercise a day and drink lots of water.

  8. Hey congrats on the 17.2 lbs. I have found that finding others that will support and motivate you is key. I live in a house with roommates and when we were all cooking healthy meals (from Abs Diet book) and being accountable to each other I was able to make big gains (er… losses).

    Also signing up for a class or getting a trainer help a lot since I have found out that when working out I tend to give up much earlier than my body does, an instructor will push you to go further, and that’s where you not only lose weight but your body gets stronger and you can handle more weight.

  9. My vote is for Biggest Loser. If you’re serious about weighloss, I’ll be serious about watching you compete on the show… :D

    Plus, you’d be on TV!!! Woot!

  10. Congratulations Chris! 17lbs is no small achievement! I have been struggling a little bit myself. Moving to the city has been healthier for me all around, I walk everywhere, I don’t eat any fast food, etc. *But* since there is so much good food I feel like I am constantly eating.

    One thing that has been helping me lose a little bit, is just the walking everywhere part. I don’t know if you live in a walkable community, but just little things like walking to the convenience store for errands, or taking a stroll with friends can help a lot and make you think twice about a snack later. I’m always thinking “oh I just burned off all these calories on that walk, if I eat this ice cream now it will be a waste!”

  11. you can do it ! just walk walking at least 30 min per day everyday works great ! also less meat and less fast food . there is this new book ” Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual” get that or have a look at this video Graham Hill: Why I’m a weekday vegetarian

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