5by5 kicks ass!The 5by5 network has created the premiere network of podcasts for geeks, designers and developers. Their broadcasts are free, but now you can support the shows by becoming a supporter. If you’re not familiar with 5by5, my personal favorite is The Big Web Show hosted by Dan Benjamin & Jeffrey Zeldman. But, to be honest, you can’t go wrong with any of their shows.

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  1. They talked about one of my articles on Episode 7 of the Dev Show for like, 5 whole minutes (which for that show is a very long time).

    It was my first time getting any sort of “media” exposure from non-web outlets and was really cool. It was extra-cool because I was already a Dev Show listener and had episode 7 sitting in my podcast. I was in the middle of a long This Week in Startups episode and hadn’t gotten to listen to it yet when my friend Jake sent me an email saying that they talked about me on the show.

    It was lucky he had given me a heads up. I probably would have crashed my car if I just randomly discovered a podcast start talking about my blog. It would have been crazyness.

    I’ll have to give The Big Web Show a listen. I don’t really love the format of The Dev Show and wish they would change it (the first half of the show is basically them just reading the titles of blog posts without much in-depth commentary. It’s pretty much worthless…). But they have a nice little network and I love tech-oriented podcasts (I have a long drive to work each day).

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