Thanks to Anton’s suggestion of Project 52 – based on a tweet by Chris Wallace – I’m publicly committing to write more in 2010. Beginning the first week of January, I’ll post at least one new (substantial) article. Asides and portfolio entries won’t count. Why am I doing this? I want to become a better writer and I’m tired of this site being consistently stale.

My Approach

A year-long endeavor like this will require planning and perseverance. I’ll need to identify topics. I’ll need to come up with some sort of regular schedule (and stick with it). And I’ll need to force myself to be accountable through it all.

3 replies on “Project 52”

  1. Pretty neat idea you have here. I classify myself as the world’s worst writer and could definitely get better at it. I might give this a whirl next year as well.

  2. Awesome Chris! I have been wanting to do the same myself. I look forward to your posts, I am sure they will be both helpful and informative!

    Good luck!

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