How to be a Photoshop Bad Ass

Greg Rewis is the Group Manager, Worldwide Creative Solutions Evangelism at Adobe. He came to speak to the Atlanta Web Design Group about becoming a Photoshop Bad Ass. This post is a collection of tweets along with links to help add greater understanding to what was being discussed before and during his talk. I hope […]

Microformats Made Simple

Preorder my friend Emily Lewis‘ forthcoming book: Microformats Made Simple. This book demystifies microformats and provides practical examples so you can begin incorporating them into your code today. Plus, Emily is awesome. And this is her first book. You should totally go pre-order it now. :)

Featured on was featured on “32 Amazing Mini vCard Websites with Slick Javascript Animation” Rogie King‘s the reason for the JS. Can’t thank him enough for the assist on making that microsite work much better.