Updated Feeds

Feedburner’s been pretty spotty for me as of late so I’ll no longer be serving my RSS feeds through them. Please update your feedreaders accordingly. Sorry for the incovenience. cdharrison.com articles – RSS 2.0 cdharrison.com articles – RSS .92 cdharrison.com articles – Atom 0.3 Comments – RSS 2.0

Theme Updates

The WordPress community gives much of itself to users who don’t always give back. I created Effercio Blue and Nanideska last year, but as of today both they are being released under GPL. If you downloaded them prior to today, the old Creative Commons license still applies. Effercio Blue – A two-column theme for WordPress. Support WordPress tags, dynamic sidebar […]

Wasted on an idiot… My faith in humanity was ruined and restored in a single blog post. Children with special needs are people too. “David” should be ashamed of himself.

Death to IE6?

Is the decision to end support Internet Explorer 6 premature or long overdue? There is no doubt that Internet Explorer 6 is the bane of our – web designers and developers – existence. Nathan Smith came up with ten great reasons in “Time to Drop IE6”. Dan Rubin offered “The Final Word on IE6”. 37signals, effective […]