Gedeon’s “100 Reasons Why McCain Won’t Be President of the United States” touches on a lot of the reasons I have a hard time supporting McCain. For years I greatly admired Senator John McCain. He had a reputation for being a political maverick and seemed to vote with his conscience instead of with his party.… Continue reading Presidency


11 Things We hate About iTunes. They stopped at 11? Granted, they hit most of the major areas where I dislike iTunes, but I would’ve gone much further…


Can Trent Reznor’s TV Show Save HBO?. Honestly, if Trent were to create a show for HBO based on Year Zero, I’d subscribe to it. The whole ARG surrounding the release of Year Zero was incredibly well put together. Unless HBO were to screw it up… a YZ series could and should be pretty epic.

Pardon the mess…

Just in case a torrent of posts comes through your RSS feed… I apologize for the inconvenience. I was playing around with trying to import Disqus comments into my site as regular comments… and they were imported as posts instead. As you can see, the experiment failed miserably. I like Disqus, but dislike being locked… Continue reading Pardon the mess…

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