Microsoft’s “Mojave Experiment” is horribly misleading. Wil Shipley has some great thoughts on the matter: “The Mojave Experiment:” Bad Science, Bad Marketing. I recently upgraded to Vista. I’ve avoided it like the plague since its initial release. I bought into a lot of the negative reviews, and they helped fuel my desire to stay away […]

Do Web Designers Need Degrees? A degree couldn’t hurt, but I think all of us – whether we have a degree or not – need to do what we can to raise the level of professionalism & quality of work.

Apple Sells One Million iPhone 3Gs in First Weekend. I for one, did not partake in the feeding frenzy. I did, however, opt to pay the $9.95 to upgrade my iPod touch.

The Day the Earth Stood Still. Like, woah… Even with Keanu in it, this looks like it might be decent.

What are web standards and why should you use them? That’s what Opera’s new Web Standards Curriculum hopes to answer. If you’re interested in learning more, visit: They’ve got 23 articles available already and an additional 30 planned.