Why I Still Won’t be Getting an iPhone

iphone PCWorld offered up 5 Reasons to Buy the iPhone 3G and I’m here to tell you why I won’t be buying into the hype. Before I go on, I should note that I own an 8GB iPod touch and use a Motorola E815 on the Alltel network. This article specifically addresses the points made in the PCWorld article. I recommend reading it first.

  1. Price. Yeah, the price drops on the new iPhone are nice, but the rate plans suck. 3G service will now cost folks an additional $10/month. Nevermind the fact that everyone who’s already bought an iPhone and wants to upgrade will essentially need to break their contract and pay a penalty to get the latest and greatest. Oh, and did I mention there’s a two-year contract?
  2. 3G Browsing Speed. Yes, 3G is faster than what the first-generation iPhone is capable of, but I’d imagine that for most people, the load times are tolerable. Also, the switch to 3G comes at a cost: According to reports, iPhone activation will now need to happen in-store.
  3. Great International Support. Seriously? The only reason for this “push” is because iPhones are being unlocked everywhere.
  4. Applications Galore. All of which can be had on the first-generation iPhone and iPod touch (for a $9.95 fee). The App Store is going to be a great thing for Apple mobile users, but it’s not something you HAVE to upgrade to 3G (or ditch your iPod touch) for.
  5. iPhone: Still at the head of the Class. The iPhone is not the best phone out there. It still can’t record video. It can’t handle MMS. It promises the “real” web, but ignores popular plugins such as Flash which are a part of the “real” web and aren’t going away.

Where the iPhone gets things right is that it puts things together in a nice, user-friendly package, but nothing about it is truly groundbreaking. Upcoming smartphones, such as the Blackberry Thunder, Samsung Instinct or Omnia, or the HTC Touch Diamond will do more, offer greater expansion capabilities, better quality camera optics and much, much more.

I love Apple products but there just isn’t enough of a difference in the new iPhone to make me run out and buy it on July 11.

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  1. I’d like to politely disagree on a few points :

    1. The additional price of $10 / month for the data package is a downside, however current iPhone users will not have to pay a penalty to upgrade (http://www.computeractive.co.uk/computeractive/…)

    2. Although I don’t have any way to test this, from Apple’s announcement yesterday the 3G speed seems to be fairly fast, although I’m unclear what point you’re making (http://www.apple.com/iphone/features/wireless.html)

    3. I can’t argue with the fact that if I take my iPhone to another country, it is difficult and costly to use. I would suggest that come June 11th, there will be some sort of VOIP app that I can use to make calls in another country where wi-fi is available, and this isn’t necessarily a downside of the new phone, but rather than limitations placed by the various carriers.

    4. Agreed, however I’m sure that some of the new apps are going to be using the GPS in the iPhone in very interesting ways.

    5. I would love it if you would suggest a phone that is better than iPhone. It is without question the best mobile experience for browsing the internet, and while the lack of Flash is a downside, I would contend that the internet on Safari Touch without Flash is a much better experience than any other device currently out (or available in the next few months) with Flash.


  2. 1. In the UK, that might hold true… in the US, as far as I can tell, if you want 3G you’ll have to upgrade your data plan and sign a new 2-year contract. (http://www.wireless.att.com/learn/iphone-faqs.j…) According to a few things I’ve heard, there may be some sort of fee associated with breaking an existing contract, but I have yet to be able to confirm this anywhere on AT&T’s website.
    2. The point which I had hope to make here is that for most people 3G isn’t going to make much of a difference for them. Yes, 3G is faster. But the first-gen iPhone is probably fast enough for most people and when it’s not there’s always wi-fi. 3G is something the phone should have had from the beginning. Now it’s a new “feature”.
    3. I might be wrong, but considering all *legitimate* apps have to go through Apple’s app store… I’m not sure AT&T (in the US) will let them sell a VOIP app. Perhaps this will not be the case overseas.
    4. No doubt. I’m especially anxious to see what Brightkite.com will be doing with it in regards to their location-based social network.
    5. “Better” is pretty subjective. Obviously, lots of folks love their Crackberries. They’ve got something like a 44% market share. My wife has a Blackberry Pearl that she uses for work and I just don’t get it. To me it’s hard to use, but people love the things.

    Don’t get me wrong… I don’t hate the iPhone. I love my iPod touch and have used several iPhone since their release. It’s a great device and I can understand why it’s as popular as it is. I just don’t think the iPhone 3G is different enough from the first-gen iPod to convince me to go out an buy it.

  3. I’ll be upgrading to the new G3 iPhone on July 11th because it’s the coolest technology I’ve ever owned, it’s WAY faster and it’s a business expense! Also, I plan on developing an app or two for iPhone so I need to stay on top of the latest hardware.

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