Testing Trillian Astra

trillian_astraSo, I’ve been testing out the latest version of Trillian, Trillian Astra (v4), and I’m digging it so far. The interface is probably the most significant thing I’ve noticed, but I know there are lots and lots of other changes under the hood. Here are some of the key things that stand out to me so far:

  • You can change skins without restarting the app AND you can modify the color of skins, if supported by the skin, without restarting. Most people don’t change themes all that often, but this addition will end up saving users time AND save current chat sessions without any interruptions at all.
  • It’s much more stable than what I remember Trillian 3 Pro being. I stopped using it because it would crash everytime I got an IM from anyone who would IM from iChat. (You would think it wouldn’t matter… but it would crash Trillian nearly every time for me…)
  • It’s gorgeous. Seriously. The two default GUIs are slick without being obnoxious.
  • It has a fairly small memory footprint. I have been using AIM Lite and Google Talk, but both of them use about 13-15 Mb of memory at any given time. Trillian uses the same amount of memory as ONE of those clients and lets me stay connected to MSN, AIM, and Google Talk at the same time. I’d say that’s a win, wouldn’t you?

Obviously, there are still some downsides…

  • It’s still in Alpha. Invites are limited. And they aren’t giving current testers invites to hand out to friends.
  • It doesn’t auto-update itself yet. (This is a planned feature, though.)
  • I have no clue when it’ll be available to the general public, either in a Beta or Final version. Your best bet is to check out information on the Cerulean Studios Blog for status updates and development news.

All in all, I’m pretty happy with the new version. Once the final version is released, I’ll be sure to post something here.

Pardon the Dust (again)

Sorry for the light posting, yet again. Between work and other things going on in my life, I’ve hardly had time to devote to the site.

I’ve been fixing some longstanding issues with the site over the past couple of days. The site should now work fine in all modern browsers. I noticed some issues (caused primarily by some errant code I copied into a post) with the homepage that were causing the site to stop loading in Safari. That’s resolved. I’ve fixed some float issues with the main content area and the sidebar. I’ve also fixed some alignment issues here and there. It’s all pretty minor stuff that most people probably wouldn’t worry about, but it’s been bothering me and that’s cause enough to address and fix them.

I recently upgraded to WordPress 2.2.2 and it has worked out pretty well. I would definitely recommend upgrading your site if you haven’t done so already.

I’ve also been playing with Habari a bit lately, and I am really digging it. The 0.2 Developer Review release is pretty stable and cuts out a lot of feature bloat that exists in WordPress. I’m seriously considering a switch to it in the near future. I ran the WordPress import plugin that it comes with, and it pulled over everything without a hitch. My only issue is how it deals with permalinks. If I could get my URL structure to match what I currently have, I’d make the switch today.

Anyhow… that’s all for now.