The one thing that has really surprised since moving this site to it’s new home is just how well Wordpress works in the environment it was intended for.

I had been running the site on a Windows 2000 Server under IIS 5 with PHP4 installed. For the most part, the site was usable, but little things either didn’t work at all or stopped working after a while. Stuff like notifications, paging, auto-creating thumbnails, etc. stopped working. In order to get cleaner URLs, I had to resort to PHP.ini and ISAPI filter hacks. It worked, but not like one would hope and/or expect.

Now, everything just works. I should have made this switch a while ago.

2 Replies to “Switch”

  1. Your site seems to load a bit quicker as well. It has been nice, normally I cannot check your blog at work (because we have an unusually slow connection through our Macs) but now I can get on with little waiting.

  2. Awesome! Yet another reason I’m glad to have made the switch.

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