I’ve been following Bryan Veloso for a couple of years now. He’s one of the most talented designers I’ve seen online. It saddens me to know that Avalonstar is offline… I’m not sure what’s going on, but I hope Bryan (and Jen) know that there are people praying for them… Hopefully they can work through whatever’s going on…

The last thing anyone’s heard from Bryan was a Twitter post three days ago:

says — It’s something that I can’t really control at the moment… not really in the mood to talk about it. Thanks for the concern though.

Between that blurb, and the note currently on the site, I’m definitely concerned for them.

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  1. That’s disturbing. It sounds horrific. I hope everyone’s OK though from what I can tell they’re not.

  2. Hi Chris. I’ve made a couple of observations on this on another blog (http://meridiancrest.com/early-april-fools-jokes). I just hope this is all a wind-up after all.


  3. Paul: you make an interesting assertion. I wonder if you’re right…

  4. Given all the drama that’s occurred this week, with Kathy Sierra and Molly Holzschlag, I hope it’s a joke. The “tribe” can only take so much drama…

    Hopefully it is a joke… but regardless… I’m praying for Bryan and Jen. I hate to see anybody go through anything that takes things they love away from them.

  5. A brief update: It’s April 2nd, and Bryan’s site is still offline…

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