Outlook Must DieIf I didn’t have to have Microsoft Outlook 2007 installed on my system for testing purposes, I would uninstall it and burn the disks and packaging the installer came on. I’m not kidding. Outlook 2007 is one of the worst “upgrades” I have ever used.

I’ve come close to uninstalling it several times now. I had to disable the one feature I really loved – icalendar syncing – because I discovered it was the cause of some data corruption issues I was having. Other than the slightly nicer GUI, there is no reason for me to use the app.

I may just have to unleash this demon upon a coworker and/or a machine not regularly used for production purposes. I’m not sure I can stand Outlook much longer.

3 Replies to “Abomination”

  1. Interesting. I’ve never used Outlook. What app would you (do you) use instead?

  2. Will Sansbury 03.29.2007 at 07:47

    Can’t you just install it in a VPC?

  3. @Ben – Outlook 2003 was a lot more stable. If I ditched Outlook altogether, I’d probably switch to Thunderbird…

    @Will – Yeah, I could… and I may need to do that at some point. I need to get IE6 back on my machine and the best way to do that would be via a virtual machine… Makes me wish I had a MacBook or something…

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