CFMAIL and Dynamic Message Content

Pardon me while I put on my geek hat. I’ve been hitting my head up against a wall trying to figure out the best way to dynamically include content into an email using ColdFusion.

I tried the most logical solution first, define the URL with the data I wanted and pass that onto the SEND script.

 <input type="hidden" name="msgString" value="" />

Then, I converted the string to a variable I could more easily work with…

<cfset msgStr = "#form.messageString#" />
<cfmail to=""
 subject="Hey there!"
  <cfinclude url="#msgStr#" />

No luck. ColdFusion choked on the dynamic string everytime. When I tried to define the string as a variable and parse it with CFOUTPUT, ColdFusion choked again.

So, I thought, why not try using CFHTTP to grab the data, and then have it render into the body of the email I wanted to send.

<cfhttp resolveurl="yes" url="" method="get"></cfhttp>
<cfmail to=""
 subject="Hey there!"

BINGO! That worked. In retrospect, it seems pretty easy to do it this way… but I couldn’t get it to work right for quite some time. Now it works right, and the client should be happy.


It’s Thanksgiving Day here in the U.S., and there’s lots to be thankful for. Here’s what I’m thankful for this year:

  • I’m thankful for each day I’ve been given and every day I’ve yet to have.
  • I’m thankful for my friends and family.
  • I’m thankful for my wife – who continually puts up with me, when no human being should.
  • I’m thankful for my job, and the wonderful group of guys I get to work with each day.
  • I’m thankful for my son, who has made this year – the best year ever.
  • I’m thankful for that which I have, because I know it could be taken away in a second.
  • I’m thankful for …

Well I could go on, but what are you thankful for? Hope you all have a wonderful holiday with your friends and family this year.

What the crap?

If there is one thing I have learned as a Wordpress user, it’s that there is certainly a plugin for everyone. Case in point, there’s now a plugin called Ploppy available for fecophiliacs.

“[Ploppy is] a WordPress plugin for describing the state of your bowel movements using the Bristol Stool Scale“.

Lovely. I’ll pass, but this is a true testament to the diversity of stuff out there currently available for Wordpress.

The Good Fight

The war against comment spam is an uphill battle. Wordpress users have a number of tools at their disposal that help with combat it. Based on Lorelle’s declaration of war on spam, I’ve decided to take the same steps here on my site.

Comments are no longer moderated. And you don’t have to be a registered user. If it’s a legitimate comment, it gets posted right away. If it’s spam, one of three tools are going to get medieval on your buttocks: Akismet, Bad Behavior and Spam Karma 2.

So far, since going forward with this test last week, I’ve had zero false positives. I don’t know how long this system will remain this rock solid… but I’ve got high hopes for it.



To think, just five years ago, I was actively engaged in the Augusta State University Political Science Club. We helped over a hundred students on campus register to vote during one voter registration drive. We held a mock election for the 2000 Presidential race… I was entrenched in politics. I loved politics.

Now, I can’t stand it.

I’m tired of all the hate ads. I’m tired of candidates criticizing their candidates without offering anything substantive. I don’t care that “so-and-so bought this land” and “so-and-so is a big, fat liar”. What are YOU going to do to help my country? What are YOU going to do to help my state? What are YOU going to do to help my county? What’s that? No answer? I’m voting your stupid, ignorant, complacent rear off the island!

For too long we’ve lived with a two-party system. For too long have Democrats and Republicans been in control. They’ve grown complacent. They’ve shifted far too much towards the center. So much so, that the parties are indistinguishable from one another. Today is our opportunity to make a difference.

I’m voting Libertarian today. I know, I know, some races are too close to call, and you feel like if you vote for a candidate that’s not a Dem or Rep you’re throwing away your vote – but you couldn’t be more wrong. A vote against the establishment is a vote for real change. The more support Libertarians get in this election and the one’s that follow, the more the power structure in our government will change.

New Audacity Released

Audacity 1.3.2 in Windows XP

The Audacity developers have been busy with many new features over the past year. We’re pleased to announce Audacity 1.3.2 (beta), which contains dozens of new features and capabilities. Because it is a work in progress and does not yet come with complete documentation or translations into foreign languages, it is recommended for more advanced users. For all users, Audacity 1.2.5 is a minor bug-fix update that addresses some problems with Audacity 1.2.4, but does not add any significant new features. It is complete and fully documented. You can have both Audacity 1.2.5 and 1.3.2 installed simultaneously. Also, we have just made available a set of 92 LADSPA plug-ins for Windows (for both Audacity 1.2.x and 1.3.x).

Download Audacity now.

Audacity is a great, open-source audio editing application that is perfect for creating netcasts.