Wherefor art thou, Basecamp?

UPDATE: It appears the problem has been resolved. Though I am still curious to know what happened…

Is it just me, or is Basecamp (and all of 37Signals’ websites) down now? None of their sites is resolving for me now. I know they just moved their servers recently…and perhaps this is related to that move somehow.

A TraceRoute is showing that one of their servers is unreachable… ASN=18462[Destination Unreachable] burnham.37signals.com.

I’m sure similar tests on other URLs would yield similar results.

This outage concerns me because we use the Premium level Basecamp plan to manage all of our projects. When Basecamp is offline, it effects our ability to work efficiently (especially given our dependancy on this app now…) It begs the question now … what will 37Signals do to compensate users effected by their outage? And is a hosted offsite solution really the best thing for our business? I’m not sure, but ActiveCollab is looking pretty good right now…

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