Live Redesign

Nevermind the mess. I’ll be updating the look and feel of the site live over the coming weeks. I’ve been toying with a few concepts in Photoshop, and have finally decided on a direction to take. I had hoped to just unveil a new design, and I certainly still could… but I feel like this route is the saner way for me to go. (Plus, it fits into my schedule better, which is entirely too hectic sometimes.)
There will be lots of stuff broken, and that’s inevitable. Hopefully, this will motivate me to complete it more quickly. I’m deviating from the color palette I picked earlier, because it just didn’t click for me. I’m going the simple route instead.
I’m basing this design off of the Hemingway template. When I’m done, there will be few if any remnants of the theme that’ll be left on the site. I’ve really got to thank Kyle Neath for putting together such a great theme to work off of. I’m really excited about where the site is heading…

4 Replies to “Live Redesign”

  1. I’m a big fan of white backgrounds. And for some reason I like the color blue on websites.

  2. Those are both good things :) Just wait…

  3. I really like the design, 3 columns is much better then the stacked thing you had going on. I like the white too.

    Might I suggest that you skip the 3 most recent posts in the “Recent Entries” section, since they will be on the homepage anyway….just a thought.

  4. You’ve definitely got a point there. Having the Recent Entries on the homepage really doesn’t add a lot of value. I’ll see abou modifying that somehow.

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