What the heck is going on, you ask? Say hello to Tersus.

Bare bones? You got it. Tersus is an achingly simple WordPress theme without all the usual cruft. Please pardon the mess. This child theme is still under development.



Change is Coming

Inspired by the amazing redesigns of Bryan Veloso (AvalonStar) and Jeff Croft I am more motivated than ever to do something about my site. I had hoped to have something ready in time for the Spring CSS Reboot, but the May 1st deadline came and went. So now, I’m being a little more realistic and I’m giving myself more time to plan and execute something new and different.

Goals for the Redesign

Personal Goals for the Site

Color Palette

This is the new color palette I am considering, but the final design may deviate from it somewhat:

New CDHarrison.com color palette

So, stay tuned…

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