Microsoft just released Windows Internet Explorer 7, Beta 2. I’ve had some issues with past releases, so I am going to approach this latest release with a bit more caution… I can’t really get away with a statement like that without clarifying, can I? I installed IE7, Beta 1 and a subsequent candidate release… It […]


Blinksale 2.0 just launched (unofficially). I’ve been using it for since June 05, and I love it. It’s easy to use. Easy to maintain. I forget what I’ve got out there without it. It’s well worth the monthly investment. Blinksale is perfect for someone like me who doesn’t do enough work to justify the expense […]

Tour de Georgia 2006

Well, another Tour de Georgia has come and gone to Augusta, Georgia. Augusta played host city to Stage 1 of the annual event which ends in Macon, GA. As has become customary, I’ve ‘shopped another pic of Scott as a rider in the event. We’d like to thank Dasani for sponsoring him (not really) in […]


Well, you may have noticed, or maybe not… but I moved the site off of my long-time host,, and moved it onto a server at my current place of employment, The site is now running WordPress 2.0.2, with the Hemingway theme installed. I am currently working on a revamp of the design that […]


Only 18 more days until we’re out of our current house. We’ve been slowly packing and moving things out of the house and into storage. Part of me is sad to be moving. The rest of me is excited for what the future holds for Kim, Tyler and me. Our new house is moving along […]


If you’ve been on the fence – like a lot of people have been – about buying one of the new Intel Macs, Apple’s come through in a big way today, to make that decision a lot easier for you. Enter Apple Bootcamp, a new technology that will be present in OS X 10.5, but […]

AEA, Here I Come

Well, the day is finally here. It’s shortly before 6am. I couldn’t sleep all that well. The hotel bed was … a little stiff. Regardless… I’m enjoying my stay in Atlanta thusfar, and I am really looking forward to attending An Event Apart. The good part about waking up this early is … you never […]