Blogger: 001 Broken Pipe


I’ve got my fingers crossed right now, but I think I finally figured out what was going wrong with Blogger and it’s ability to publish my blog. It was choking on the MeasureMap script I had to incorporate into my template. I figured this out first by copying the modified template I had setup, and choosing one of the pre-built templates Blogger provides. My site published without a hitch. I then took a look at the MeasureMap code and saw that it was wrapped in its own <Blogger>...</Blogger> tags. I think this was the issue… I removed those… and incorporated the script elements designated within the <ItemPage>...</ItemPage> tags with stuff I already had to have on the ItemPage and tried to publish. Presto! I can publish again. It’s rather odd that this was an issue… but I figure that Blogger was having problems rendering out the pages because of the way my code was setup.

It looks like, for the time being anyway, I will remain using Blogger… but I am still looking for a viable alternative that utilizes ColdFusion, ASP or .Net and won’t affect what I have on the site too much…