Pardon the Mess

Messing with some stylesheet settings. Well aware of the IE rendering issues… stupid Box Model… bah!

The Iconfactory Rocks

I just had to say that… They really do.

Purchased a stock icon set today, for use in a design project I am working on. Got a call from Talos Tsui, one of the Principals over at The IconFactory to confirm my order within a few moments of placing it. That’s great customer service. That puts the human touch on something that could otherwise been completely devoid of human interaction.

Just received an invite to try out So far, it seems pretty cool. I’ve only got limited familiarity with WordPress as a blog app, so I’m not going to be the most knowledgeable when it comes to comparing vs. the downloadable version… What I have seen so far has been pretty cool. I’ll try to talk about it a bit more once I get some time to play around with it.