Yahoo! Site Explorer

Now this is useful… Via Lifehacker: Yahoo!’s launched Site Explorer, a beta search application that displays all the pages from a given web site that exist in Yahoo’s index, as well as all the recorded inbound links to that site. Aimed at webmasters, Site Explorer offers the page results in a text tab-delimited file for […]

How Google Killed Urchin

Give it up for the guys over at TextDrive: They’ve declared war on Google and Urchin. In case you haven’t heard, TextDrive’s been having problems renewing a license they had for using Urchin’s stat software. It seems Urchin just doesn’t want their money. Well, this slight of hand has prompted TextDrive to take action: they’re […]

Anchorman 1.0 Konfabulator Widget

UPDATE 9/29: Anchorman 1.0 is now included in the Widget Gallery! WooHoo! Download it here. With the help of Scott Villemain, I’ve put together a Ron Burgundy widget for use with Konfabulator. It doesn’t do much other than play over a dozen sound clips from the movie, but then – who cares? (You’re so wise… […]

The Iconfactory Rocks

I just had to say that… They really do. Purchased a stock icon set today, for use in a design project I am working on. Got a call from Talos Tsui, one of the Principals over at The IconFactory to confirm my order within a few moments of placing it. That’s great customer service. That […]

Just received an invite to try out So far, it seems pretty cool. I’ve only got limited familiarity with WordPress as a blog app, so I’m not going to be the most knowledgeable when it comes to comparing vs. the downloadable version… What I have seen so far has been pretty cool. I’ll […]

The Next Great Battle

If you thought the Adobe/Macromedia merger was huge, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Microsoft’s getting into the design biz. On the surface, this doesn’t seem like a big deal. But it is. Microsoft is trying to position itself to take Adobe/Macromedia head-on with its new Microsoft Expression product offerings. Microsoft Expression is going to come […]