Gas Prices: Don’t Panic

Many people are calling about gas supplies. We put the rumors to rest. WJBF NewsCHANNEL 6 · Wednesday, August 31, 2005 First things first: Don’t worry about your local gas station. It’s not closing and the supplies are not nearly as low as people believe. A report out of Atlanta has sparked major worries among […]

Gas Prices

Gas prices just hit $2.99 here in Augusta, Georgia, and they’re not showing any signs of slowing up. People are lining up at gas stations, filling up their vehicles, filling up gas containers, etc. Guess what, all these dumb a-holes are CAUSING A F-ING GAS SHORTAGE. Thanks. If everyone only used what the NEEDED, we’d […]


I’d like to congratulate Jeff and Rachel on the birth of their new baby – Ann Maria! Ann Maria was delivered just a little while ago, and weighs in a 11lb 10oz! Momma and Baby are both doing fine! Birth Announcement

Going Gmail Only

After a lot of deliberation, I’ve decided to go Gmail only for email. I am now having my and accounts forwarded to my account. Because Gmail allows me to send from multiple accounts, this transition will be seemless for users accustomed to sending email to me to any particular account. Why’d I […]

Working with Semantics

I came across a rather timely article this morning on web semantics, entitled "Semantics: The Red-Headed Step-Child of Markup" by Garrett Dimon. While working on ideas for my site reorganization and redesign (which is still in progress), I struggled with how to present some items on my website – primarily my site navigation. I’ve been […]

Website Evolution

I love web design, because it’s such a liquid format. With print design, once you create a piece that is all it will ever be. As long as it exists, it can never be anything else. With web design, once you create something… you can easily turn it into something else by tweaking the CSS […]

Awesome News!

My wife, Kim, got the results back from her Licensure test today… She passed! She is now an Associate Professional Counselor! I’m very proud of her!

I drank the Kool-Aid, again.

I’m getting more than a little pissed with myself these days. Every time Google releases a new app, I jump on the bandwagon and install it on my computer just to try it out. Why do I continually subject myself to this kinda crap? Anyway… enough ranting. Google just released GoogleTalk this morning. It’s a […]

Playing with Flickr…

I’ve been playing with my Flickr Pro account this morning, uploading a lot of photos of downtown Augusta, the PowerServe offices, my mother-in-law’s litter of puppies… It’s too much fun. I’m actually inspired to use my digital camera a bit more now. Photos Flickr Matthew 25 – NLT MP3 Bible – Matthew