First Sonogram!

My wife, Kim, is 9 weeks pregnant. This morning we had our first sonogram!! Here are our baby’s first pictures Click on the images to view a larger version.

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AIM Triton Beta

You can check out the new AIM Triton Beta by clicking here. Note, you must be an AOL user or have an AIM screenname to access this site. Note this is a different build than the post made earlier today.

IE7 has Tabs

A lot is riding on the new Internet Explorer 7, due Summer ‘05. Web webgeeks are clamoring for better standards support, improved rendering and more. On May 16, webgeeks weezed a collective sigh of relief as the IE7 developers announced IE7 will, in fact, have Tabbed Browsing support. This seemingly mundane feature has been available… Continue reading IE7 has Tabs

Educate Customers

It is our responsibility – as designers, developers, salespeople, etc. – to educate customers as we build a relationship with them. Setting expectations as early on as possible and explaining deliverables is key to creating and sustaining a healthy client/company relationship. Failing to educate a client can cost you money. Search Engines With all of… Continue reading Educate Customers

Google Desktop Search: Enterprise Edition

A new version of the Google Desktop Search has been available online for a couple of days now. I didn’t really pay attention to it until I saw that it was described as being for work, while the regular Google Desktop Search was better suited for home use. Go figure.

Google Alerts

I just stumbled across the updated Google Alerts feature while searching on Google tonight. I was aware that there was a Google Alerts for News… but now it seems you can also save Search Terms and have those search results emailed to you on a daily basis as well. Very cool. Nice extension of an… Continue reading Google Alerts


Straight from the Google Labs comes the new Personalized Google Homepage, which I’ve dubbed myGoogle for short. Google is launching a personalized home page tonight, which you can view now by going to the URL below. It’s basically a custom portal of your own Google services, like a Gmail preview and Google News highlihgts, as… Continue reading myGoogle

Netscape 8 Released Today

I’ve been using the Netscape 8.0 Beta off and on for a couple of months now. I wasn’t especially thrilled with it, since I’ve been using Firefox as my browser of choice. Having said that, Netscape may be the right browser for you. I’ll explain why below: Page Rendering The most important feature of 8.0… Continue reading Netscape 8 Released Today