New AOL Browser Included in AIM Beta

New AOL Beta (5.9.3782) now includes a web browser (built on top of IE6) called AOL Explorer. Here’s a screenshot: Seems pretty cool so far. Has tabbed browsing, a popup blocker, integrates with AOL Desktop Search (which must be installed seperately), and appears to have spyware tools built-in. I thought this was a pretty interesting […]

IE7 has Tabs

A lot is riding on the new Internet Explorer 7, due Summer ‘05. Web webgeeks are clamoring for better standards support, improved rendering and more. On May 16, webgeeks weezed a collective sigh of relief as the IE7 developers announced IE7 will, in fact, have Tabbed Browsing support. This seemingly mundane feature has been available […]

Educate Customers

It is our responsibility – as designers, developers, salespeople, etc. – to educate customers as we build a relationship with them. Setting expectations as early on as possible and explaining deliverables is key to creating and sustaining a healthy client/company relationship. Failing to educate a client can cost you money. Search Engines With all of […]

Google Alerts

I just stumbled across the updated Google Alerts feature while searching on Google tonight. I was aware that there was a Google Alerts for News… but now it seems you can also save Search Terms and have those search results emailed to you on a daily basis as well. Very cool. Nice extension of an […]


Straight from the Google Labs comes the new Personalized Google Homepage, which I’ve dubbed myGoogle for short. Google is launching a personalized home page tonight, which you can view now by going to the URL below. It’s basically a custom portal of your own Google services, like a Gmail preview and Google News highlihgts, as […]

Netscape 8 Released Today

I’ve been using the Netscape 8.0 Beta off and on for a couple of months now. I wasn’t especially thrilled with it, since I’ve been using Firefox as my browser of choice. Having said that, Netscape may be the right browser for you. I’ll explain why below: Page Rendering The most important feature of 8.0 […]