I went home.

i got fed up with the lack of a reliable host at work, so i left t come home. i figured that i would be able to get more work done here because my connection would be more reliable. since the tech came and fixed my cable modem service yesterday things have been groovy, but for some reason, in just the past few moments, the damn modem keeps losing signal. comcast keeps losing signal or something. i dunno. it’s just been a little weird i suppose. i can deal with this though. at least it comes back on and i’m not losing bandwidth, like what has been happening at work. anyways, enough for now. i’m feeling a lot better now that i’m not at work )

it’s gonna be one of those days

great, now the internet is screwed up here at work. i hate peachnet. why must we be on a state-run pipeline? in case i hadn’t mentioned it before, the company i work for is located just outside of augusta technical college. actually, we’re in a building that is managed by atc, so technically, i guess you could say we’re on the campus of atc. anyways, i digress. because of that affiliation with the school, our building receives internet access from the state through the atc servers. usually, we get a pretty reliable signal. since yesterday afternoon though, it’s been unbearable. i’d rather have dialup right now. at least i could get some freaking work done. as a matter of fact, i’m typing this at work right now, but i probably won’t be able to upload it until later on tonight. sucks, huh? anyways, i’ll stop bitching. it’s not very becoming of me, is it? all i know is: if this isn’t fixed soon, i’m going home to get some work done. i can’t deal with this crap all day long.