wrapping up the day

as i sit here waiting for the evening to draw to a close, i’d like to take moment and reflect on my life. sometimes we take things for granted. i know i’m guilty of that. but i wanted to take the time to say: my life is pretty damn good. i have a wonderful girlfriend that loves me. i have a great family that loves me. i get along with my brother/roommate. it’s pretty nice. so.. to everyone in my life… whether they read this or not… thank you. thank you for being in my life. thank you for brightening my life.

happy birthday usa!

wow… the united states just turned 225 today. can you believe it? it seems like it was just yesterday when i was born… two years after the country celebrated america’s bicentennial. i love the fourth of july. it’s a time to reflect on what a great country we live in and it makes me proud to be an american. it’s a time to reflect on those that fought and died to give us our freedom, and those who have constantly fought to maintain it. we live in a great country, and though we don’t get a whole lot of respect in the international scheme of things… it doesn’t matter. we’ve come this far…

scary movie 2

i saw the first scary movie with my girlfriend, my mother, my two younger brothers and my dad a few months ago… around the time when kim and i first started dating actually… i couldn’t believe how off the wall the humor was, and just how focking funny the movie could be with it’s parodies of scream and other slasher flicks. so when my dad and my brothers asked me to go see the sequel with them today, how could i refuse? part two didn’t let me down. it mocked IT, what lies beneath, and other movies with a brand of humor that reminded me of the good ol’ days in germany where i’d watch ‘in living color’ every week. the cast was hilarious. the various situations in the movie were funny. though, the plot kinda sucked… you don’t expect it to be perfect in this kind of movie. if you get a chance to see this flick, give it a whirl. it wasn’t bad and it actually made me laugh a whole damn lot.