good lord, i’m tired…

i was at Linda’s house til past 11pm last night trying to restore her power mac g3 to working condition. i’m almost amazed that i was able to do it. it’s not often that you’re able to restore a hard drive to working order. i arrived at her house in edgefield just after 5pm. when i got there, she was obviously distraught. it seems like melt-downs like this always occur when you’re working hardest to meet a deadline. anyways, i tried booting up the mac. no dice. blinking folder icon. crap. diagnosis: something’s wrong with the system folder. next, i tried booting from the system disk. extension conflicts. double crap. what’s going on? at that point, i was a little perturbed, to say the least. i then tried to boot up from norton utilities. good lord, it worked. comp was booting up from that disk. comp fully boots up. i can see the hard drive Papa GIG (which has the system software on it.) good… the disk doesn’t appear to be damaged. i didn’t think the disk would appear at all if something major were wrong with. linda and i went through and checked to see if anything needed to be saved off of it. nope. good deal. i ran some tests on the drive with norton. found major errors. not surprising. fix the probs it found. then proceeded to zero the hard drive.

things were progressing well. installed os 9 onto the drive. i booted the hard drive on its own. yay!! it wasn’t completely screwed! i loaded the scsi drivers into the system folders in order to access Linda’s prized baby gig, momma gig and jarod hard drives. yay! they were still there, untouched. i loaded all of her old programs onto the reformatted hard drive (papa gig) and after a total of six hours i had the whole thing up and running again. i have to admit, it looked bleak when i first got there. i wasn’t sure if i’d be able to get it online again, but lo and behold i fixed it. the system still has some kinks in it because we weren’t able to test everything within the six hour period… but it is usable once again.

it is quite nice to be able to breathe life into a machine that seems like its teetering towards death’s door. hopefully it will behave itself for a good while.


over the course of the next weeks, i see myself growing more and more busy. not that i mind though. staying busy helps keep me out of trouble. anyways, it’s just here after midnight. i’m trying to straighten my room up. i’m watching ‘enter the dragon’ on dvd. bruce lee kicks serious ass. it’s pretty sweet to have a dvd built in to my computer. i can make a tiny little window down near the bottom of my screen and update the site as i watch. it’s cool.

anyways, i need to get some shut eye. this will be a long week for me, i’m sure. night night.


i know, i suck. i haven’t updated the site in a few days. i’ve been busy. i wish today was friday. my day didn’t start off very well. my boss has had problems printing to one of our printers. so, he reconfigured the printer so that he would be able to print to it now. guess who can’t print now. yeah. me. i’m pissed. i swear he doesn’t think sometimes. he was so concerned about fixing his system, that he did it the most half-assed way possible… and screwed up everyone else’s ability to print in the process.

anyways. nuff bitching. my next post will be more positive. i promise.

i ate crickets

my aunt carole would be proud of me right now. just a few minutes ago i ate crickets. chocolate covered crickets. and guess what, they weren’t bad either. some old lady at the ice cream parlor even took my picture because she was so astonished i ate crickets. cool huh? i’ve never been the adventurous type… but i wanted to try crickets on my ice cream ) it was yummy. (got free ice cream out of the deal too.) saw matt’s hockey game tonight. i love listening to the dumbasses in the stands. it’s amazing how clueless some people are. they root for their son/grandson/etc. when he hits other players and bitch when it happens in return. some people just have no common sense whatsoever. and to think… they actually believed hockey was a non-violent sport. yeah. and i got some oceanfront property to sell ya in north dakota. anyways, matt’s team won 3-2. i was happy to see his team win. the team they played got on my nerves. a lot. it was like the ghetto kids playin ball with some nba stars. these little guys had matching uniforms, (they were called the Junior Augusta Lynx btw) matching gear, etc… while every other team has to fend for themselves. anyways. oh yeah, i saw an old guy get rocked in the head with a puck. would suck to be him. heard he needed stitches. matt scored 4 goals in the game and had 11 minutes of penalties under his belt. not bad for a 45 minute game huh? well, it’s bedtime. catch ya later.

Palm’s are Kewl!

This is my first entry to the website, prepped exclusively on my Palm m100. I tell ya, I really can’t imagine how I got along without one of these before. I feel like I’m more organized than ever before. Anyway, my meeting with the SGA Executive Council went remarkably well. They really love the concept I came up with. I’ll be finalizing the layouts through week’s end. Well, I gotta go. I shall update later!

Need some grub. Like now.

man, here it is at 10:15am in the morning and i feel pretty damn good, albeit a little tired. i slept pretty good last night. i’m a little hungry this morning. need to see what i got’s in the house to munch on ) baked lays maybe? )

I went home.

i got fed up with the lack of a reliable host at work, so i left t come home. i figured that i would be able to get more work done here because my connection would be more reliable. since the tech came and fixed my cable modem service yesterday things have been groovy, but for some reason, in just the past few moments, the damn modem keeps losing signal. comcast keeps losing signal or something. i dunno. it’s just been a little weird i suppose. i can deal with this though. at least it comes back on and i’m not losing bandwidth, like what has been happening at work. anyways, enough for now. i’m feeling a lot better now that i’m not at work )

it’s gonna be one of those days

great, now the internet is screwed up here at work. i hate peachnet. why must we be on a state-run pipeline? in case i hadn’t mentioned it before, the company i work for is located just outside of augusta technical college. actually, we’re in a building that is managed by atc, so technically, i guess you could say we’re on the campus of atc. anyways, i digress. because of that affiliation with the school, our building receives internet access from the state through the atc servers. usually, we get a pretty reliable signal. since yesterday afternoon though, it’s been unbearable. i’d rather have dialup right now. at least i could get some freaking work done. as a matter of fact, i’m typing this at work right now, but i probably won’t be able to upload it until later on tonight. sucks, huh? anyways, i’ll stop bitching. it’s not very becoming of me, is it? all i know is: if this isn’t fixed soon, i’m going home to get some work done. i can’t deal with this crap all day long.

the anticipation is too great

one of these days, i’m going to make it to new york to sit in on a live keynote address being delivered by steve jobs. i must! i must! here it is… just minutes before the latest stevenote, and i’ve got butterflies. what will be announced next? what will apple deliver that we’ve never seen before… only time will tell… Feel like watching the stevenote? Click on over to: and click the watch now button.

good lord… i’ve got goosebumps now. more later!

Stupid Computer

for some reason or another, my internet at home went down last night. whether it was the result of my own tinkering with my computer, or a failure of the cable modem… i don’t know. what i do know is, on thursday i’ve got to chill at home all morning so a tech can come diagnose whatever the hell is wrong with my computer. i will post as often as i can from work, but i can’t make any promises over the next couple of days… it’s always easier to update this thing from home.