where art thou?

it’s 12:21am. my girlfriend is still out of town and i really miss her a lot. i haven’t really been apart from her all that much, and i guess it’s not a feeling i really enjoy having. i feel kinda empty without her. i know, i know… it’s all so sappy… anyways, i’m having a […]

beautiful monday morning

you know, for having stayed up last til 3am, i feel alright. i’m a goofball, i know. why were you up til 3, you ask? well… easy, really. i wasn’t all that tired. i was up late trying to figure how to incorporate templates files into an html document that’s being hosted on a unix […]

i hate being busy

sorry for the lack of updates. i’ve been busy over the past couple of days. i was working on some final touches on bellranger.com. i did an initial concept that i grew to hate, so i took the time to “improve” the look. i’m notorious for that. anyways, here’s the old one [bellranger] (link removed. […]

Bills, Bills, Bills

god, i hate bills. they suck ass. i hate how i see most of my check sucked away so i can pay bills. i work to pay bills. i work to pay taxes. i’m getting it from both ends now. it’s funny how someone can make x amount of money and the government will take […]

The Morning’s a Blur

ever wake up and have your vision so blurred you can barely see two feet in front of you. i swear.. the past couple of mornings it has seemed like that for me… my eyes must be sealed shut by sleep or something. i guess it’s not really a big deal. i see fine after […]

Off to Work I Go

i overslept a little this morning. i set my alarm clock to go off at 6:30am this morning thinking it might be good for me to wake up. my tired ass disagreed with me. (of course.) so i hit snooze… eyes blurred from sleep… trying to figure out which buttons do what so i might […]


i don’t do feelings all that well. my girlfriend tells me that a lot. i know this to be true, and yet, i don’t really make the effort to change the fact that i don’t allow myself the pleasure of “emotions” all of the time. my achilles heel i suppose. i’m actually feeling pretty good […]