A Long Overdue Update!

Here it is… Memorial Day weekened. The sun is out. It’s totally beautiful outside, and here I am, making updates to my website. Have I got my priorities out of whack or what? Oh well. Who cares, right? Like I really need a tan… hehehe. Actually, the reason for this update is quite simple: I haven’t made one in nearly a month and the site hasn’t changed all that much.

Many of you now know that me and my brother Matt now share a townhouse in lovely Augusta, Georgia… just minutes from the Augusta National and Hooters and countless other landmarks. Things have gone rather well after this first month, and I am looking forward to the 11 months we have left on our lease. It’s nice to be on my own again. It’s nice not having to check in with my folks all the time. Independence is fun.

This summer looks to keep me pretty busy. I’ll be heading to Virginia in just over a month to be in my best friend Heather’s wedding. My wonderful girlfriend Kim will be making the trip with me…Hopefully, I will be able to show her where I “grew up”. I’m looking forward to it. Also, with no school this summer, I will be working a hell of a lot more. Anyways… just a brief update. I will try to get better at this, I swear. I will be porting this site over to ASP or ColdFusion soon so I can set this damn thing up with templates and manage it more easily. Oh, did I mention my cable modem finally is hooked up? hehehe… Off to surf I go… TTFN.

Man, it is so nice to have a break.

Man, it is so nice to have a break. School is over. I got an A in Publication Production II (whodathunkit?) and a B in Political Methodology. I did alright. And the grades raised my GPA a little bit. I’ve got a 2.25 now. I’ll raise it up higher! I swear! And my cumulative GPA jumped to 1.895 from a .57. Not bad huh? I’m definitely taking steps in the right direction. As you can see from the image to the right, I signed up with Cingular. My phone is pretty sweet. Feel free to drop me a line sometime. My new number is (706) 414-0549. (And it’s the easiest way to get in touch with me, guaranteed!)

Wow. It’s May already.

Wow. It’s May already. Can you believe it? Yesterday was quite cool. Though, I’ve got to admit that I am tired as hell this morning. The townhouse I’m now living is pretty roomy. We got about 95% of our stuff moved in. Now comes the fun part of trying to get everything unpacked, put in the proper place and making my new home “home”. One of the nice things about the new place is that it’s pretty close to school and to work. It’s only about 3 miles from Augusta State and only about 7.5 miles from work. Translation: I’s gonna be saving a hell of a lot of gas now ) (Which, I might add is quite nice. Especially when you consider that gas might hit $2.00 a gallon in the Augusta area this summer.)